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AM.CO.ZA® FastCOLOUR™ ONE 1800mm Printing Area Large Format Printer with SAi FlexiPRINT Software, No Printhead Included, No Inks

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AM.CO.ZA® FastCOLOUR™ ONE 1800mm Printing Area Large Format Printer with SAi FlexiPRINT Software, No Printhead Included, No Inks
FastCOLOUR ONE 1800mm Printing Area Large Format Printer, SAi FlexiPRINT Software, No Printhead Included, No Inks

1 Year Limited
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R 51 989 (excl. VAT) Online Shopping BUY THIS
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All the illustrations are for demonstration causes only, thus the machines saturation, shape or features may conflict from that in the picture. While retaining all major attributes and specs we entitle the sanction to reconstruct, abolish or enhance slight attributes. You are welcome to petition a index of attributes ahead of time.
All the pictures are for demonstration purposes only, therefore the machines' colours, shape or features may differ from that in the picture. We reserve the rights to change, remove or improve minor features while retaining the major features and specs. You are welcome to request a latest list of features beforehand.
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AM.CO.ZA® FastCOLOUR™ ONE 1800mm Printing Area Large Format Printer with SAi FlexiPRINT Software, No Printhead Included, No Inks
Features and Highlights

  • Bi-Directional Printing Enabled, Printing Speed on 4 Pass Draft Mode is 15 m2/h
    Printing Speed on 6 Pass Production Mode is 10 m2/h
    Printing Speed on 8 Pass Quality Mode is 8 m2/h
  • All Solvent/ECO-Solvent/Water/Sublimation Ink Types Are Suitable (Additional Accessory Needed for UV Ink)
  • Eight UV/Solvent Resist Ink Feeding Tanks with 8 Ink Pipes Feed to Printhead for Easy Ink Swap
  • Maximum Printing Width 1800 mm with 20kg Capacity Rolled Media Feeding System
  • Include Free 100ml EPSON Factory Use Liquid for Printhead Daily Maintenance
  • Include Rolling Up Device for Media Take-up After Printing
  • This Hybrid Printer Design for Many Different Ink Types, and Adapt to Roll-to-Roll and Flatbed Printing (Extra Table Needed)
  • Bulk Ink System Included, with Two Ink Tank Agitation (Mostly for White/Yellow) and Ink Low Level Warning
  • Automatic Printhead Cleaning Functions Included, Anti Ink-Blocking, Auto Flash and Moisturizing
  • Automatic Lifting Printhead Ink Capping System, Easy Alignment and Better Printhead Seal Protection
  • Connect to Computer by 100M Network Cable for Fast and Stable Printing Process
  • Heavy Duty, Curling Prevention and Width Adjustable Rolled Media Feeding Device
  • With SAi FlexiPRINT RIP Software, No Printhead Nor Inks Included in This Package
  • Pre-Heat and Post-Heat 2 Stage Heating System with 3 Level Temperature Control
  • With Integrated Front Dryer and Heater for Additional Printed Media Drying Before Roll-up
  • Use Household 220V Electricity, Stand-by Power Consumption 32W and Maximum Power Consumption 1500W
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Quality WarrantyQuality WarrantyQuality Warranty
For the whole machinery, along with each subsystem, we only offer constrained attribute warranty except stated otherwise. The attribute guarantee covers shortages as a result of unreliable equipment or poor craftsmanship Frequent wear and tear or mis-usage of your product is not our responsibility. Accordingly aforementioned will not be covered by our guarantee. Deterioration can often be repaired that are not covered under guarantee, at minimum cost. Quotations are readily accessible on demand.
Some items within your purchase come with different warranty terms and period:

We provide limited product warranty on the parts of the machine, and for such periods, as set out below, as well as the relevant subsystem to such parts. The quality warranty is intended to cover, and is accordingly limited to, defects arising due to faulty materials or poor craftsmanship in relation to production and manufacture of the machine. We shall not be responsible for common wear and tear nor misuse of the machine or relevant parts.
Some items within your purchase come with different warranty terms and period:
Barcode System:
Barcode System
All our mainline of machinery's are sold with a different barcode. Review therefore you will evermore be able to,in any form and at any term, analyze the machines assurance report and assistance history on our website or while logged off. By using the barcode we value our machinery's assurance and maintenance. This protects your supreme advantage on both the selling and maintenance of your machines.
All our mainline of machines are sold with a unique barcode. You will therefore always be able to check the machine's warranty information and service history on our website or mobile app - in any way and at any time. We honour our machines' warranty and service by using the barcode. This ensures your maximum convenience on both the maintenance and resell of your machinery.
Latest Model Quoted:
Latest Model Quoted
The quotation above concerns our advanced model, including therefore the focus points, specifications and attachments are applicative thereto. For any questions about the generation model quoted, you can call our sales representatives. You will be titled to receive a 5% allowance on prior models , depending on lower achievement or lower design in which case we don't have the advanced model available.
The quotation above pertains to our newest model, and as such the highlights, specifications, accessories are applicable thereto. Kindly enquire from our sales representative as to the year model quoted. In the event that we do not have the newest model available, you will be entitled to receive up to 5% discount on the older model, dependent on lesser performance or lesser design.
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